Our mission is to help indigenous peoples build resilience and adapt to their changing world with the vision of ending chronic poverty and dependence.

About GTLI

GTLI was founded in 2007 by Lori Pappas, a software entrepreneur who traveled extensively in Africa after early retirement. Shocked by the epidemic levels of poverty and frustrated by the lack of sustainable development work, Lori decided to apply her entrepreneurial skills and resources to the problem.

From our headquarters in Addis Ababa and our field camps in the remote tribal areas of the Hamar, BenaTsemay, Dasenech, and Nyangatom, GTLI now serves more than 75,000 people in the South Omo Zone. All GTLI project staff live in Ethiopia, including Executive Director Lori Pappas

GTLI has consistently demonstrated our ability to deliver innovative and culturally appropriate solutions in partnership with local stakeholders. Our community engagement approach pays attention to how people think, the influence of their culture, and the constraints of the society at large. The community’s goals drive our work, and we strive to blend their traditional wisdom with modern thinking to solve the new problems they face. GTLI invests in the communities where we work, training and employing emergent leaders to build and sustain a healthy and hopeful future for their people.

Our Board

Lori Pappas

Board President

Johnnie Lloyd

Board Vice President & Treasurer

Jenny Bourne

Board Secretary

Our Staff

Merkeb Belay

Program Manager

Tariku Beyene

Finance/Admin Officer

Sisay Aredo

Finance/Admin Manager

Yehualashet Belete

Project Officer

Netsanet Feleke

Program Manager

Abebe Desu

Ali Yimam

Anewar Endres

Arbelo Arebella

Ashenafi Seyoum

Asrat Gumbo

Aynalem Getaneh

Belete G/Egzabehr

Berhanu Feyessa

Duko Murso

Eferata Negissie

Ehitayehu Kibret

Kuru Malaku

Menale Negussie

Meseret Ashenafi

Messa Hussien

Mesud Nesru

Osman Seid

Sudo Argema

Tesfaye Mamao

Tsehay Yemane

Wossenu Abebe

Yitbarek Desalegn

Zenabu Amtataw