Carleton College

A Global Team for Local Initiatives Partner

Carleton College, Northfield MN has been an implementing partner since 2011.

Their focus is on evaluation and research.

The Carleton College fellowship program provides impartial annual impact assessments of GTLI programs.

Carleton College is committed to providing a true liberal arts education, a curriculum that challenges students to learn broadly and think deeply. Instead of training for one narrow career path, Carleton students develop the knowledge and skills to succeed in any walk of life.

In 2013, Carleton established a three-year fellowship grant through their Initiative for Service Internships in International Development to fund student internships to independently assess the effectiveness of GTLI’s work with South Omo Zone pastoralists.

Findings of the draft report: Surveying Agro-pastoral Communities in Ethiopia: Initial Report to GTLI, 17 November 2014, showed that GTLI has had a positive and significant effect on clean water access, use of soaps while hand washing and use of pit latrines. Three interns (Mike Habermann, Emir Murathanoglu and Lindsey Weber, advised by Professor FaressBhuiyan), collected data from 31 villages (15 where GTLI has not worked) in Hamar, BenaTsemay and Desanech during July 2014.

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