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Global Team for Local Initiatives―GTLI―helps the indigenous people of Southwest Ethiopia adapt to their changing world to find a path out of chronic poverty and dependence.

What is at stake? 

The indigenous tribes of southwest Ethiopia are in a downward spiral of poverty and desperation caused by persistent drought and the reduction of land available for grazing. The impact is greatest on the most vulnerable―the women who shoulder most of the heavy work and the children, many who are orphaned or abandoned, who face malnutrition, disease, and early death. 

What are we doing?

We have helped tribal communities in southwest Ethiopia play an active role in learning to identify and solve the problems that threaten their very existence. We have collaborated with more than 100,000 people of four tribes in the region: Hamar, BenaTsemay, Dasenech, and Nyangatom.

How can you help?

Please donate today. Your gift goes toward helping children in the South Omo Zone of Ethiopia.

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More About Our Work

Healthy Children

Tribal traditions equate large families with wealth. In the past more children meant more people able to work. The reality the tribes face today is that frequent births mean unhealthy mothers and underfed and unhealthy children.

Since 2011 we have cared for orphaned and abandoned children, striving to give them a chance for a healthy life. While helping individual children is significant and meaningful, our long-term goal is to educate and empower them to become future leaders of their people.

What can your gift do?

$100 makes a difference

—provides one month of housing for the children

$150 changes a life

—provides children’s caretaker salary for one month

$650 shines a light

—provides tutors & school supplies for a child for one year

$3,000 creates hope

—provides all expenses for one child for the year

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