Cross Cultural Journeys

A Global Team for Local Initiatives Partner

Cross Cultural Journeys (CCJ) has been GTLI’s funding partner since 2014

CCJ focuses on women economic empowerment and livelihood.

Cross Cultural Journeys Foundation was established to promote global awareness and foster sustainable development in the countries where they visit. Its mission is to “help create sustainable economic, educational, environmental, and social development in underdeveloped countries of the world.”

CCJ first visited GTLI project sites during it March 2014 journey through Ethiopia. After experiencing firsthand the Hamar peoples’ eagerness to help themselves, travelers made the commitment to support the Minogelti Women’s Cooperative over the next five years. This Women Strengthening initiative will teach the 20 member women’s cooperative basic literacy and numeracy while it helps them to become chicken farmers during year 1.

Projects Supported by CCJ

WS-15: Economic empowerment of women

Improve Economic Empowerment & Stability of Disadvantaged Women in SW Ethiopia, Hamer Woreda

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