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4. Measuring Results Not Deliverables

We measure the effectiveness of our programs and the long-term positive impact they have on communities and individuals. For example, rather than simply reporting the number of wells drilled, we monitor each new well for:

  • proper installation and fencing
  • the number of households committed to proper hygiene
  • the maintenance and repair program in place for the well
  • the number of households and people benefiting from the well

The feedback from this measurement approach allows us to help communities continuously improve the effectiveness and sustainability of their programs.

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BizzyWeb Admin4. Measuring Results Not Deliverables

3. Internally Motivated Communities

Our Community Based Action Learning behavior change model (CBLA) uses our proven, small-group, problem-solving approach to help communities examine their problems, identify the causes, and develop appropriate solutions. Community ownership of the solutions leads to communities that are internally motivated to change and successful results. Read more about our CBLA Model below.

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BizzyWeb Admin3. Internally Motivated Communities

2. Holistic and Sustainable Programs

Traditional communities struggle for their survival in the face of enormous problems – climate change and global socio-economic forces. Solutions must be up to the challenge of these large problems, integrating programs in water, health & hygiene, education, and livelihood to provide sustainable programs.

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BizzyWeb Admin2. Holistic and Sustainable Programs

1. Helping People Help Themselves

We believe in human rights and human dignity. Before starting any program we begin with dialog, asking for permission to live with and learn from a community. In partnership with elders and community members, we help them identify the problems that they face.

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BizzyWeb Admin1. Helping People Help Themselves