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3 Reasons Our Partners Choose Us

1. We are local

All of our staff lives in Ethiopia, and 95% of our staff is from the areas that we serve. This work requires people who can speak the tribal languages and know the local customs, and we do.

We are known for our collaborative, community-centered work with tribal communities. We have established trust with elders and community members, and we have developed key partnerships with local government services and organizations.


2. We are experienced

GTLI has a strong track record of sustainable results. We have successfully implemented more than 20 projects in the South Omo region benefiting more than 75,000 people. Our field staff is considered experts in water, hygiene, sanitation, livelihood, and community development. Our administrative infrastructure supports accurate data collection and behavior change impact analysis.


3. We build resilience

Our long-term focus on building the resilience of the people of southwest Ethiopia. The GTLI difference is our ability to motivate individuals and communities to change their behavior to ensure their survival, helping people work together to identify their problems and discover their own solutions. We are implementing, at the grass-roots level, principles consistent with the recently published World Bank World Development Report2015: Mind, Society and Behavior.

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