Rotary Clubs and Rotary International

A Global Team for Local Initiatives Partner

• Rotary has been GTLI’s funding partner since 2009.

• The support of 22 individual Rotary Clubs, five Rotary Districts and Rotary International is focused on sustainable clean water, livelihood, education, and children.

The heart of Rotary is the clubs that bring together dedicated individuals to exchange ideas, build relationships, and take action to make lasting improvements in communities and around the world. Rotary International supports Rotary clubs worldwide by coordinating global programs, campaigns, and initiatives. The Rotary Foundation uses generous donations to fund projects by Rotarians in communities around the world.

We would like to thank the following clubs, districts and Rotary Foundation:

Rotary Club: Sector
Bainbridge Island WA WASH, Livelihood, Children
Bellevue Breakfast WA WASH
Bozeman MT WASH
Duluth 25 MN WASH, Children
Edina MN WASH, Children
Kingston-North Kitsap WA WASH, Livelihood, Literacy
Kirkland WA WASH, Livelihood, Literacy
Lake Oswego/Kruse Way OR WASH
Meriden CT WASH
Northfield MN Livelihood
Nor’wester of Port Angeles WA WASH
Poulsbo WA WASH, Livelihood
Bellevue WA WASH
Addis Ababa West, Ethiopia WASH
Seattle 4 WA WASH, Livelihood
Skyline of Duluth MN WASH
Snoqualmie Valley WA WASH, Children
Southington CT WASH
Tacoma 8 WA Livelihood, Children
Tacoma South WA WASH
Tumwater WA Livelihood
Rotary Districts:
District 5020 WA WASH
District 5030 WA WASH
District 5100 OR WASH
District 5390 MT WASH
District 5580 MN WASH
The Rotary Foundation
Matching Grant 75078 WASH
Global Grant 25031 WASH

Projects Supported by Rotary

DevWASH-10: Sustainable clean water

Sustainable Water and Integrated Management System (SWIMS), Hamar District, Doria and Wassemu Villages

DevWASH-11: Sustainable clean water

Sustainable Clean Water and Disease Prevention in Galcide & Itu, Ethiopia

DevWASH-12: Sustainable clean water

Sustainable Clean Water for 15 Kebeles

R12: Education & income generation

Learn and Earn–An Integrated Approach for Hamar Self-Reliance, Wonga Bayno Kebele, Aldo and Dele Villages


Orphans and Vulnerable Children

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