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The kids are growing and need new shoes!



Left to right are Aregesh, Zenabaw, Hilu, and Negataw

Our Hamar family of children are thriving; they are all doing well in school, and the two children who came to us malnourished (Temesgen and Zenabaw) are now healthy and growing. Our little Aregesh is still struggling with ear problems. She had surgery last fall on her right ear and this week she will “go under the knife” for her left ear. She is so sweet and uncomplaining.

Hilu, our oldest girl, is now in 3rd grade. She loves her little “sisters” and often reads to them. Negataw, pictured on the far right, looks more like Halle Berry every year! Berge, our second oldest girl, was off playing with a friend and missed this story time.


Left to right, top row: Ronni, Yuan, Kore, Musi; bottom row: Achemi, Temesgen and Lucas

Our boys take our breath away – so full of energy and love. Just imagine–Kore, Ronni and Muse between 12-15 years, Yuan around 10 years old, whirlwind Achemi, around 7 years old, Tesmesgen (somewhere between 6-8 years old) and little Lucas, probably 4 years old–all living in the same compound with our 5 girls, their caretaker, their cook, and Netsanet, GTLI’s field coordinator! And, by the way, this same small compound in Turmi is also our field office. Cozy but safe. Many of our male staff, particularly Netsanet, Tariku (Finance/Admin officer) and Yehualashet (Project Officer) have become the kids’ surrogate fathers.

Marti MartindaleThe kids are growing and need new shoes!
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