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USAID has been GTLI’s funding partner since 2009.

Their support is focused on WASH projects (water, sanitation, & hygiene).

United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is the lead U.S. Government agency that works to end extreme poverty and promote the development of resilient, democratic societies. USAID support has built GTLI infrastructure in South Omo Zone, Ethiopia, and has given GTLI the opportunity to fine tune a “Mind, Society, Behavior” approach to development.

USAID support has allowed GTLI to help some of the most marginalized people living in remote areas to help themselves. By providing improved access to clean water for 50,000 people, USAID investment has provided the foundation to springboard initiatives in WASH, education, community-based health and diversified livelihoods.

USAID supports GTLI projects through multiple funding mechanisms: directly as a prime grantee implementing Water Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) initiatives; through OFDA (Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance) as a sub-grantee of IRC implementing Emergency Rapid Response WASH programs; and as a sub-grantee of JSI through Advancing Partners & Communities.

GTLI Projects Supported By USAID

DevWASH-09: Sustainable clean water

Sustainable Clean Water and Disease Prevention Program

DevWASH-14: Sustainable clean water

Building Pastoralist Resilience Network in SW Ethiopia

ERRWASH-12: Emergency clean water

Emergency WASH in Disaster-Affected Hamar Wordea

ERRWASH-13: Emergency clean water

Water Supply Emergency Response to flood-affected people in conflict-prone Desanech & Nyangatom woredas, South Omo zone

ERRWASH14: Emergency clean water

Water Supply Emergency Response to flood-affected people in conflict-prone Desanech Woreda, South Omo Zone

ERRWASH-15: Emergency clean water

Water Supply Emergency Response to flood and conflict-affected people in conflict-prone Desanech & Nyangatom Woredas, South Omo Zone

APC-14: Reproductive health & family planning

Increasing Pastoralist Resilience through Healthy Timing & Spacing of Births

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