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Bonnie Wolff

Bonnie Wolff showcasing GTLI’s work in support of women and children in the South Omo Zone, Ethiopia

We are so lucky to have friends who support the work that we do. Bonnie Wolff is one of these friends. She donates her time and talents to encourage others to learn about GTLI.

Bonnie makes beautiful wool mittens and seeks out craft fairs where she displays her work. She also spreads the story of GTLI: how our efforts to care for orphaned and abandoned children and our projects to improve the lives of women depend on the donations of individuals who care.

Lori Pappas, GTLI Founder and Executive Director, loves Bonnie’s handcrafted mittens. Lori lives in Ethiopia now, so the few days during the year that she visits Minnesota, she is certain to have a pair handy. She gets by Minnesota weather with a little help from her friends!

Lori with Bonnie's wool mittens

Lori Pappas loves Bonnie Wolff’s handcrafted mittens

Marti MartindaleOur Incredible Supporters
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