Edward DeMarco

Ed DeMarco is an international advisor specializing in development issues related to governance and democracy. With a background in communications and international affairs, he is especially interested in helping teams of policy makers achieve common aims, bridging their diverse backgrounds and nationalities.

From 2012 through 2015 DeMarco was USAID/Ethiopia's Senior Advisor for Democracy and Governance. In this role he led the integration of accountable governance approaches for the U.S. development portfolio in Ethiopia, one of the largest in Africa. A model effort for USAID, this helped the U.S. use its development leverage to expand social accountability and good governance as part of service delivery at the local level.

Previously DeMarco has consulted for African Union affiliated and major media organizations, advising on communication and outreach strategies to international and U.S. stakeholders.

Ed's background includes a lengthy career in journalism with Bloomberg, one of the world’s largest news organizations, as Foreign Policy Editor and World News and as IMF/World Bank Editor. He directed award-winning and agenda-setting coverage of U.S. diplomacy and the United Nations and leading a team of reporters in Washington and New York, along with worldwide correspondents, to deliver in-depth, actionable analyses for an influential global audience.