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Build staff capacity.

GTLI proactively builds the capacity of its Ethiopian staff through training and expanded job opportunities. We strive to be one of the best NGOs to work for in Ethiopia, and to equip experienced individuals to contribute to sustainable development both during and after their tenure with us.

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BizzyWeb AdminBuild staff capacity.

Build community capacity to sustain and government capacity to support.

Many NGOs build the capacity of government stakeholders to train community members. However, stakeholders in remote areas are challenged with servicing widely dispersed populations and often lack the resources needed to do that fully. So, GTLI partners with local stakeholders from the beginning, harmonizing our projects with their mandates; and then we focus our energy to help the community become self-reliant and provide local stakeholders the resources and skills to support the community long-term.

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BizzyWeb AdminBuild community capacity to sustain and government capacity to support.

Integrate programs so they become mutually reinforcing.

Rather than keep our programs in water/sanitation/hygiene, education, and income generation discreet, GTLI integrates them in cross-disciplinary programs. Income generating activities are part of our water projects so spare parts can be purchased to maintain the wells. Functional Adult Literacy (FAL) school starts with hand washing to reinforce hygiene behaviors. Participation in a income generating projects requires school attendance, because community members need literacy and numeracy to sustainably run their businesses.

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BizzyWeb AdminIntegrate programs so they become mutually reinforcing.

Involve community members in hiring.

Male and female elders interview candidates for field positions and exert veto power over their hiring. After all, they are the ones who will work most closely with those employees.

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BizzyWeb AdminInvolve community members in hiring.

Measure behavior change rather than deliverables.

Many NGOs and government agencies measure the volume of products and services they deliver: the number of wells they put in, schools they build, training sessions they deliver, etc. By contrast, GTLI measures outcomes: the number of people using latrines, the number keeping their households clean, the number earning money from microenterprise, and so on.

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BizzyWeb AdminMeasure behavior change rather than deliverables.

No per diem.

Many NGOs and government agencies make per diem payments to community members in order to gain training participation. Participation does build – but once payments stop, so does the training. Because participants came for the money, not the training, the learning doesn’t “stick.” By contrast, participants attend GTLI trainings because they want to learn and because their peers attend. They continue to attend because they believe it is in their best interest. They are internally motivated to attend – and to learn – and the learning sticks.

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BizzyWeb AdminNo per diem.