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South Omo Zone

<p>GTLI works with the 4 tribes in 4 South Omo Zone homelands: the Ngangatom, Benatsemay, Hamar and Desanech. One of the most diverse, culturally rich areas of Africa, the South Omo Zone is located in the extreme southwest corner of Ethiopia. It is home to 16 distinct ethnic groups, each with its own culture, reflected by their hairstyle, body decoration, dress, jewelry, language and cultural ceremonies.</p>
<p>The South Omo Zone covers 23,535 square km, or 22% of SNNP Region of Ethiopia, with a population estimated at 611,664. Administratively, the zone is divided into 8 woredas and 1 administrative town, Jinka (source: South Omo Zone Finance and Economic Development, 2011, Jinka).</p>

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Southern Nations and Nationalities People Region (SNNP)

The SNNP region is one of Ethiopia’s 9 geographic regions and is located in the southwestern part of the country. There are more than 45 indigenous ethnic groups in the SNNP. The administrative capital of the SNNP is the city of Hawassa. South Omo, where GTLI works, is the zone located in the south central portion of the SNNP.

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<p>Ethiopia is in the horn of Africa and is divided into 9 geographic regions. GTLI concentrates its efforts in the South Omo Zone, located in the SNNP region that occupies the southwest corner of Ethiopia. The diverse tribes of South Omo are pastoralists, who for centuries followed their livestock in search of grazing grounds.</p><p>Climate change and the ongoing drought has dramatically altered the lives of the pastoralists. They no longer have enough water or food. These conditions have made them more susceptible to disease including TB, malaria, respiratory infections, and diarrheal diseases.</p>

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