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Why Is Galo Joyful?


Galo Arigma celebrates learning how to read and write

Galo Arigma’s life and the lives of her friends in the community of Stimba have improved dramatically this year.

Galo and 25 of her friends who attended a GTLI school in the BeneTsemay region of Ethiopia have learned to read, write, and do basic arithmetic. They are celebrating this achievement and are beginning to teach their children. Can you see the pride in her face, and in the faces of her friends behind her? She wrote the sign she is wearing. It says,  “I have learned about personal hygiene and sanitation, and I now wash my hands before eating.”

So simple. And so profound.

Because of their participation in a GTLI project, Galo’s community now has clean water and practices basic sanitation and hygiene. And their health is improving. They learned about family planning and are embracing the idea that fewer children means healthier mothers and children, strengthening their community.

This is just the beginning of Galo’s community learning how to help themselves.

Marti MartindaleWhy Is Galo Joyful?
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